Midsummer Pendant


The Midsummer Pendant is a stunning piece that exudes artistry and craftsmanship. Its wrought iron frame gracefully tapers from a clean-lined rod to delicate tendrils adorned with curved petals made of recycled glass in green and amber tones. The glass pieces retain the original hues of the beverage bottles, ensuring a unique and striking look for each pendant. This artisanal fixture promises individuality, with slight variations in the glass colors adding to its distinct charm.

  • In Store Pick Up Only - Santa Rosa
  • Wrought Iron/ Brass Finish
  • Green Recycled Bottle Glass
  • 1-60 Watt Bulb
  • 16 Dia. x 22H
  • Adjustable Height: 22" to 67"
  • 9 Lbs.

Contact your nearest Cokas Diko Home for availability and free curbside pick up.