Terra Sol Outdoor Fabric Care

  • Water repellant
  • Most outdoor fabrics are NOT fade resistant but will provide adequate wear in normal weather conditions
  • Withstands up to 500 hours of sun exposure. For maximum life, fabric items should be brought indoors when not in use
  • Even when using outdoor fabrics, the darker the color, the faster the fabric will fade
  • Keep fabric clean - Remove dirt and other particles before they have a chance to sink in and mildew
  • NOTE: For low-traffic upholstery - most polyester outdoor fabrics are not constructed for high-traffic use and are not a substitute for indoor upholstery

Cleaning Instructions:

  • This fabric should be cleaned regularly. Brush off loose dirt and wash with a mild soap and lukewarm water solution. Rinse thoroughly to remove the soap. Allow fabric to air dry.
  • The fabric is machine washable for removable cushion covers in a cold water setting. Allow fabric to air dry.
  • For stubborn stains, use a fabric spot remover. Follow the directions on the container and always test for color fastness. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry.

**The use of bleach is not recommended**