Laminate Concrete Care

Mimicking the look, feel and durability of concrete at only a fraction of the weight, laminate concrete brings a modern aesthetic and unmatched versatility to your designs.

• Spray a glass and surface cleaner and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Never use bleach products. Avoid cutting directly on the laminate concrete or dragging heavy objects across its surface.

• Concrete laminate is a non-porous material that will resist staining from most spills, including wine. If you do have a spill, wipe up immediately with a clean cloth.

• Dab grease stains with a damp cloth with dish soap. Let soapy water sit for a couple minutes before wiping away with a dry cloth. Spray with a glass and surface cleaner, then wipe down with a clean cloth.

• Lightly rub stubborn stains with a cream cleanser and sponge. Wipe away any leftover cleanser with a clean cloth. If a film persists, spray Windex or other glass and surface cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth.