InsideOut Performance Fabrics®

Cokas Diko Home is excited to add a fabulous new stain and fade-resistant fabric to our already incredible repertoire of performance fabrics. InsideOut Performance Fabrics® is an excellent new All-In-One performance fabric that can satisfy all your needs and withstand the elements inside and outside. InsideOut Performance Fabrics® pairs superior design and unmatched performance to weather any storm in your home, sunroom, or outdoors. In addition, with its fluorine-free technology, you can rest easy knowing you have made an environmentally conscious choice! InsideOut Performance Fabrics® is perfect for today's world with no pilling, easy clean-ability, and, best of all, these fabrics are made in the USA! So stop by your nearest Cokas Diko Home Store to discover the ideal InsideOut fabric for your next upholstery project.