Concrete Care

Concrete is a durable and stable material that offers a tasteful, metropolitan quality to incorporate a sleek yet rugged style with modern aesthetics that can easily match any décor.

The concrete in your furniture may have variations between pieces and unique properties including tiny openings and natural rifts in the surface. Here are some ways to care for and maintain your concrete pieces.

• Use a soft, dry cloth to dust the concrete.

• Never use ammonia-based products or furniture polish.

• Cover or store outdoor items indoors, away from the elements.

• Do not place heavy or sharp objects on the surface.

• Always place cups or dishes on coasters or trivets when placing them on the surface to protect from damages.

• Do not let spills sit on the surface. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

• Do not drag, pull, or push furniture when moving. Lift it off the ground and carry it. You may need multiple people or equipment to move it.