As all of our lives have changed in the past few months, so has the use of our homes. No longer is a home simply a place to live, relax and find comfort in. Many of us are working and home schooling our children there as well. With all of these changes, our home has to adapt to accommodate our new lives.

Functionality is essential so selecting pieces that can be used in more than one capacity. If you are limited on space, your dining table could be an additional work space, so having storage near by is critical. A sideboard that once housed your entertaining supplies can now house work essentials such as a printer, school & work supplies and additional electronics. These pieces are ideal for storing your "work" life when you are transitioning into "home" life.

Lighting is important in any work area so try to maximize natural light and supplement with task Lamps with a soft glow will create comfort and inspiration while brighter lighting may help you focus on specific tasks or work. Having a combination of each in your room will help you transition from work to leisure.

Variety is the key to creating a productive work space. Adding an additional chair or sofa to your home office area will help you gain a new perspective. Simple changes can motivate you and they may be as easy as changing the artwork, adding additional lighting or repositioning your furniture. Variety will allow for greater productivity.

Don’t forget... this is your home, so any and all decorative additions to this space will just enhance your enjoyment of what otherwise, may just be boring work!  Everyone deserves a beautiful and workable space to create and thrive.