Though the well-loved carol celebrates this as the most wonderful time of the year (and we wholeheartedly agree it is), the holidays seem to be the busiest season as well. So tips for saving time are always appreciated, especially when it comes to decking the halls. Are you staring at a blank slate in a new home after a rebuild? Or do you find yourself dragging tired old boxes of decorations out of storage for the umpteenth year? No matter your situation, this busy time demands low maintenance but high impact decorating tricks.

We’ve compiled a list of tips for nailing that festive décor that’s high style yet effortless and accessible. So whether you’re starting from scratch or making a few small but significant changes, these ideas will guide you toward what’s ultimately most important – less time decorating and more time celebrating.


Be intentional when you choose a color scheme, and carry it throughout your entire house. If your home’s color palette is already bold, don’t feel the need to fight it. Work in your holiday cheer with neutrals like white and metallic. But if timeless and classic paired with a neutral palette is your everyday, incorporate unconventional colors like pink or teal with gold or silver. This is your chance to add color. Lots of it.


Gathering greenery from the rich bounty of Sonoma County’s outdoors is an excellent way to add a natural element and a piney scent to your holiday décor. Mantels, dining tables, and mirrors are ideal places to display wintry, rugged boughs and branches. Mixing your evergreens, like cedar, eucalyptus, and holly berries, add texture and color to otherwise lackluster spaces.


Take risks with statement pieces and quirky holiday accessories. Substitute trinkets with festive throw pillows to add a cozy feel to your space. Hang your wreath in an unexpected place, like on a mirror or over your bed. You may like its placement so much that you’ll simply remove the bow after the holidays and leave it up all year.


Nothing screams holidays like sparkling lights. Let candles and the tree light up the room. Layer your holiday lighting while dimming the overhead lights. The glow from multiple sources elevates mood and adds warmth to your home.


If wrapping gifts isn’t a lost art in your home, you’d probably like to put that hard work to more use than the few moments it takes your loved ones to rip open the masterpieces you’ve created. Make the most of your efforts by strategically placing festively wrapped presents around your home as accents or bookends. You might even be pleasantly surprised by how well the ribbons naturally coordinate with your holiday décor. Cheers to that!

And if you’re fresh out of time and creative energy, let our design crew help you with:

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