Everyone needs to know how to stop an area rug from curling on the edges. Many rugs have a latex backing which helps maintain the weave integrity of the rug. If an area rug backed with latex Rugs for Every Roomis stored for a prolonged amount of time, it may maintain a “memory” of being rolled. To remove this curl, your rug needs to be reverse rolled.

Printed Jute Rugs have a double thickness at the edge. You will need to bend the edge against the curl, in the center of the double thickness, the full length of the rug. After bending, roll the rug snugly  against the curl for 1/2 its length. Letting the rug remain in this position for approximately 15 minutes should flatten the edges.

Bordered Sisal/Seagrass Rugs are backed with latex plus they have foam padding under the border. Follow the same directions as above for the Printed Jute, reverse rolling your rug against the curl for 1/2 its length.

Wool Rugs (canvas backed) use latex, under the canvas, to hold the weave in place. They are not subject to as much “memory” curl as the rugs listed above but if a curl exists, simply follow the previous directions. This same process can be followed with cotton rugs also.

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