Why Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture

Recycled Teak Shutter Cabinet pictured above
* Recycled Teak Shutter Cabinet pictured above

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture? We all understand the importance of not only conserving energy, recycling packaging materials and using resourced goods on a daily basis but are always looking for furniture that is not only beautiful, but earth friendly.

Who would have thought there were businesses out there who actually take this idea seriously? Our industry has gone through an amazing transformation in the last 10 years and many of us have made it a mission to only work with those companies with shared environmental expectations.


How is each piece finished and has a lead free lacquer sealant been applied? What are the working conditions of the manufacturer and are they following specific governmental guild lines? What percentage of a piece is resourced? The higher percentage of the piece that is recycled can lead to a greener ending product. It is important to find Companies that produce long lasting, quality furniture while offering their customers materials and methods that have the least impact on our environment.

What better way to help the environment than to recycle and restore. This is our anthem for a new eco-friendly generation. We all need to accept our responsibility and do our part to protect the environment. Cokas Diko carries furniture made from old wood planks sourced and reclaimed from old ships and demolished buildings. While the styling of each item remains the same, the natural variances in color and distress in the wood gives each piece its own unique characteristics. In turn, creating wonderfully unique pieces of art that will be treasured for years to come. Likewise, our custom upholstery is manufactured by an eco-friendly company in the USA who is environmentaly conscious of their own practices.

Why is Rub Count Important for your Upholstery

Why is rub count important for your upholstery? If you are in the process of selecting custom upholstery, you may want to consider the fabric’s Rub Count.

Rub Tests are done to help determine how much normal wear a fabric can handle before it shows. It’s resistance to abrasion is tested by a machine that rubs the fabric over and over until it finally wears through. The amount of passes that it takes to reach Norwalk Sofasthis point is the fabric’s rub count. The higher the number, the longer the fabric will last. When a count is described as a Double Rub, this is referring to each time the machine passes back and forth. For the everyday user, this would translate into each time you sit on your furniture piece.

The highest count fabric usually is reserved for those commercially used pieces (Example: waiting rooms in hospital or dental office). The count on these fabrics can reach as high as 250,000 double rubs. This fabric is usually very durable but not necessarily comfortable. Residential fabric will range from 15,000 or higher double rubs. your best bet would be to select fabric above 25,000 for frequently used pieces in your home.

When choosing a manufacturer, The fabric quality is just as important as the frame construction and inter-mechanics. A company like Norwalk prides themselves on not only soundly constructed frames but fabrics that will last you for years.