Storage SolutionHere are 5 storage solutions for small spaces that you may not have considered. When living in a small space, storage solutions can be tricky and every square inch counts. To maximize your area see which pieces can serve dual functions.

1.) Coffee Table: Using a rustic trunk as a coffee table will not only add style to your space but also add needed storage for all of your extra movies and electronics.

2.) Using an Extension Dining Table: Ideal for small dining areas and easily pulls out for extra seating when needed. There are many other furniture pieces that expand and condense, from coffee tables to kitchen islands.

3.) Utilize cubes as side tables or nightstands. Small cubes can fit into tight spaces and work well in narrow bedrooms as nightstands.

4.) Hide-away Sofa: Convert your spare bedroom into an office or tv room but still maintain that additional bed for the occasional guest.

5.) Use Baskets and Bins Everywhere: In shelving, baskets are a great way to hide clutter and maximize space. This will work in every room of your home and can simplify your life.



There are several facts to consider when choosing your leather chairs. Top-grain leather is the most durable part of the hide and our productsCloverdale Occasional Chair Russet are enhanced by the aniline-dye process. This process, which insures that the leather is colored all the way through, produces a finish that is transparent and shows the markings of the leather. Remember, because each hide is unique, all leather will vary in shading and “perfect” matching is unlikely when purchasing is done at different intervals. Over time, natural body oils will stain leather slightly, but these stains will blend with the oils of the leather and give each piece a desired patina.

Sonoma Coast Dining Chair Tannery 1Avoid any cleaning product that may change the pH balance of your leather, as it may cause premature cracking or discoloring. Keep leather a safe distance from floor or wall heaters, as they may dry out leather. Remove dust with a soft, clean cloth and clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner.


Everyone needs to know how to stop an area rug from curling on the edges. Many rugs have a latex backing which helps maintainRona Teal Flat Weave Rug the weave integrity of the rug. If an area rug backed with latex is stored for a prolonged amount of time, it may maintain a “memory” of being rolled. To remove this curl, your rug needs to be reverse rolled.

Printed Jute Rugs have a double thickness at the edge. You will need to bend the edge against the curl, in the center of the double thickness, the full length of the rug. After bending, roll the rug snugly  against the curl for 1/2 its length. Letting the rug remain in this position for approximately 15 minutes should flatten the edges.

Bordered Sisal/Seagrass Rugs are backed with latex plus they have foam padding under the border. Follow the same directions as above for the Printed Jute, reverse rolling your rug against the curl for 1/2 its length.

Wool Rugs (canvas backed) use latex, under the canvas, to hold the weave in place. They are not subject to as much “memory” curl as the rugs listed above but if a curl exists, simply follow the previous directions. This same process can be followed with cotton rugs also.

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Fleur de Lis MedallionA window treatment for a bathroom can be as eye-catching and attractive as a window treatment in any other part of the house, though there are a few things a homeowner might need to take into consideration. The material needs to be able to bear up under conditions of high humidity and moisture and should be easy to take down and clean. Therefore, wood might not be a good choice to use as a window dressing for a bathroom since it tends to warp and swell. Translucent paper is also probably not the best sort of window treatment in a bathroom. We recommend curtain hardware such as forged iron rods, for example, for hanging bathroom curtains. The curtains you choose also shouldn’t be allowed to trail to the floor because of the risk of getting wet.

The bathroom should also be well ventilated with either a fan or a window that can be opened to guard against mold and mildew attacking the materials.

One good window treatment for a sunny bathroom with a bank of windows along one wall are mini-blinds. The slats on these shades can be made out of metal and painted any color. They allow the person to control the light as well as the level of privacy.

There’s no reason that a shower curtain rod can’t be hung playfully over a window with a curtain that matches the shower curtain. The fabric shouldn’t be too heavy or boldly patterned especially if the bathroom is small. Sheer curtains in white or a pale neutral color will help make the room look airy.

A Roman shade is also good for a smallish bathroom with one proportional window. Because they have battens between the lining and the main fabric, Roman shades have an elegant, tailored look. If they’re very sheer, the battens might be replaced with more delicate corsetry stays. The similar looking Swedish shade can also be used over the window. These shades also roll up from the bottom but on a reefing system. They also don’t use much fabric.

Silk Dupioni Maxim Robin Egg Blue Another smart window dressing is cafe curtains. Only the lower half of the  window  is covered, which gives the person privacy. The upper half of the window lets in natural light. The cafe curtains can be mounted on rods with pretty finials and hung with rings, clips, fabric ties, or button tabs.

Another solution is curtains made of white lace or some other light fabric that freely hang just to the window stool. The headings can either be slotted or pleated. At Cokas Diko we are always on the look-out for unique window hardware to give the windows in your bathroom or anywhere in your home a one-of-a-kind style. Shop our Unique Finds page to gather ideas for your window treatments.

How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

Island Dining TableWhen you’re choosing a dining room table there are several factors to consider before you make your purchase. Most likely, your first decision will be to determine what style of decor you want in your dining room. Modern and contemporary style dining tables feature a sleek, trim design that work well in small dining rooms. Traditional and rustic style tables tend to require more space. Once you define your style, it’s time to decide what size and shape of table you want.

Most dining tables are 28″ to 30″ in height. This is a reasonable height that provides sufficient space for people’s knees. It is also considered a comfortable height for eating. Keep in mind that your choice of dining chair should be considered in conjunction with the height of the table you choose. Another factor to consider when choosing a dining room table is how you’ll use the table. If it will be a place where the family gathers for meals everyday, you will probably want to select a casual style table with a durable finish. If the table will be used infrequently, on special occasions, an elegant style table could be used to give the dining room a more formal atmosphere.

As a general rule, there should be 24″ between the wall and the table. A table that is used daily should be large enough to seat the whole family comfortably. As a general rule, your family dining table should be able to seat your family plus have the ability to accommodate two additional people. If you plan to occasionally entertain, but your dining room is not spacious, an extension table is an excellent, space-saving option.

A rectangular or oval dining table is a good choice for a formal dining room. Once again, you might want to consider tables with an extension for the times when you have a large number of guests. A round or square table is a good option for a small dining room. Both of these shapes tend to create a coziness that makes a small dining area very attractive. Dining tables with drop down sides are an option to considered when space is at a premium.

Measure your dining space carefully before you begin shopping for a table. You don’t want the dining room to look and feel crowded. Family and guests should be able to move around the table and pull out their chairs without hitting a wall. Be sure to stop in one of our three stores in California to see our selection of unique dining table and chairs for your home.

How to Care for Carpet and Area Rugs

After spending hundreds of dollars on carpeting or area rugs, you want to keep them in pristine condition for years to come. Ground-in dirt, foot traffic, and stains ruin rugs and carpeting in no time if you’re not proactive about care and maintenance. In addition, different styles of rugs require more care than others. It’s also important to remember that the care of your carpet or area rug begins at the store.

Ask About Cleaning Requirements

At retail or carpeting stores, do not shop by looks alone. Before choosing your favorite, ask to see the care instructions. Some area rugs require regular dry cleaning or professional steam cleaning and that can get expensive.

Carpet and area rug fibers are usually one of four materials: nylon, olefin, polyester, or wool. Wool is not a great material for high-traffic areas because it requires special cleaning care that you will not be able to do on your own. Dry cleaning is usually the only option.

Care and Cleaning for Carpeting and Area Rugs

It’s important to get stains cleaned up before they have time to dry. Once a stain is dry, it’s going to be much harder to remove. Always start by blotting up as much of the spilled liquid or food as possible and then applying one of the following methods.

  1. Warm soapy water is one way to remove stains, but make sure you fully rinse the soap from the area. Any remaining residue will attract dirt and dust.
  2. Carpeting manufacturers often suggest using white vinegar and water to remove stains. The balance is one cup of white vinegar to five cups of water. Mix it in a spray bottle and keep it on hand for stains.

Understand Warranty Coverage Before Purchasing

Warranty coverage for carpeting may seem like an excellent idea, but many warranties are not worth the extra cost. Sales professionals often push you towards the carpeting with warranty coverage, but ask questions to make sure the coverage is as good as it seems.

Typically, carpeting warranties require that you pay for professional steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Additionally, in order to claim the warranty, you have to allow the manufacturer to send in expensive professional cleaners at your expense. If you fail to do exactly as they say, you void the warranty.

The other thing to understand about warranties is that most companies have clauses that state no carpet is “fully stain proof.” That wording is followed by their definition of what constitutes stains worthy of warranty coverage, and the terms can be limiting.

At Cokas Diko, we don’t use pressure sales and warranties when you make any home decor purchases — when you’re ready to buy an area rug we will only steer you to the one you want to buy. Pay us a visit in one of our stores in Santa Rosa, Petaluma or Solano Beach and see our selection.

Interior Lighting Tips

These unexpected interior lighting tips will broaden your view on illuminating design. Lighting is an essential ingredient to home decor. Rarely is one source of lighting sufficient for a room. As a general rule, every room needs a form of task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent Milan Iron Chandelierlighting. Decorative lighting is a fourth source of lighting that you can incorporate into most rooms.

A kitchen functions most effectively with task lighting such as a long pendant light or track lighting above the island.   Under-the-cabinet lighting is one form of ambient lighting. You can use accent lights inside of a glass front cabinet or to illuminate wall art. You’ll also want to include a ceiling mount light that complements the decor.

In the bathroom, it’s essential to include vanity lights such as hanging pendants or wall sconces. A ceiling mount light is also a necessity. Chandeliers are becoming quite popular as a choice of general bathroom lighting. You may want to include recessed lighting to illuminate the shower area. Accent lighting can be added in the form of lamps or wall sconces.

Floor and table lamps are ideal for a living room.  A ceiling fan Caen Glass Pendantwith light or a semi-flush mount ceiling light is also an option. Dimmer options are a nice convenience for living room lighting. Area rugs can be used to define and designate space in a large living room. One of those spaces might be a reading nook. This would be a great place for a decorative table lamp or floor lamp. A pendant light could be used over a game table in one part of the living room. You can use lighting to draw attention to wall art or decorative accessories. Recessed lighting can also be used to make a living room appear spacious.

Small table lamps placed on nightstands or swing arm wall lamps are ideal bedside lighting. Task lighting is needed at a bedroom vanity or reading area. General lighting that complements the decor is usually included as part of the bedroom lighting design plan. A master bedroom or guest room also should have mood setting lighting. Look for lights with dimmer controls. Using lighting to accentuate art or large plants included in the bedroom decor can create a relaxing or romantic mood.

At Cokas Diko we offer a wide selection of lighting options for your home, including hanging fixtures and table and floor lamps. We’d love to consult with you on lighting projects you are contemplating for rooms in your home. Please visit us in one of our Santa Rosa or Solana Beach retail store locations today to stroll our showrooms — we have many unique lighting fixtures from which to choose as well as area rugs and other home decor to accent a room and complete your vision.


Rustic mountain furniture for your cabin is easier to find than you think. Typically, when you think of rustic home furnishings for your mountain retreat, you get an image of chunky log furniture and accessories in the shape of a bears and pine cones. Not anymore! The once rustic cabin has evolved into a more livable space for occupants of all types.

entryway storage bench 1Your choice on furniture is definitely not the same. For the eco-friendlier crowd, Recycled Teak and Reclaimed Oak will add an earth-friendly touch and an unsurpassed unique quality. These pieces are definitely one-of-a kind and it is best to view them in person because sizes and colors will vary.

Now, not everyone appreciates the rustic flavor of this wood so for those who are more refined, many woods in the Rosewood family will cater to your needs. In a more classically designed setting, Sheesham Wood, with it’s honey accents, will add a rustic warmth to your space. Note: just as the Recycled Teak and Oak vary in color, so will these piece.

For a more uniform look, Keykor Wood would work wonderfully. Not only is this golden toned wood beautiful, but durable as well. Many of these hardwood pieces will have hand carvings and iron accents.  All of these wood choices accommodate a rustic home and I would recommend mixing the woods to satisfy your taste.


Please remember the following tips on how to care for down pillows. The less often you clean your down pillow insert, the longer Rachel Navy Pillowit will last. Washing them approximately once a year should keep them fresh.

Always keep your down insert covered with a slip cover or sham.  This will keep dust, dirt and body oils away from the insert at all times.

If you have allergies, you can add an extra layer of protection by buying a pillow cover.  This serves as a buffer between your insert and your sham.

Launder or dry clean your Villa Pillow sham as directed.  Never wash the sham and the pillow together. Always follow the manufacturer’s care label for your sham.  If no care Seelabel is found, always dry clean.

Most down pillows can be washed in cold water with a mild detergent or down wash, on a gentle cycle.  Try to place an even number of pillows in your washer to avoid an uneven load.

After the wash cycle has completed, squeeze any excess water from your pillows.  Do not be alarmed if your pillow’s wet feathers smell stronger.  That is normal and the odor will fade after you have dried them.

Tumble dry on the lowest setting and place 1-2 clean tennis balls in the dryer with your down items.  This will help them retain their bounce and move the fill around as it drys. You may have to run the dryer cycle 1-2 times until they are fully dry.  After each cycle, shake your pillows and break up any feather clump, if necessary.

Store your clean unused down pillows in a dry, well-ventilated area to avoid mildew.

Looking for decorative pillows in Sonoma? Visit our Santa Rosa showroom for a wide selection.

Bed and Mattress Measurements

If you are like me, you probably have trouble when it comes to bed and mattress measurements. I am always trying to remember which is wider, a Cal-king or an Eastern King. So, to simplify things for all of you who have had the same problem, I have compiled all of the measurements in one place.

King: (also known as a Eastern King) widest on the market,Rendition Beds 76W X 80L

California King: (also known as a Western King) longest on the market, 72W X 84L

Queen: 60W X 80L

Full: (also known as a Double) 54W X 75L

Twin Extra Long: (Twin XL) 39W X 80L

Twin: (also known as a Single) 39W X 75L

Crib Mattress: 27W X 52L

When purchasing bedding, it is also helpful to know that you get more with quality bedding. Chandler Collection Bedding is a good example of amazing bedding that fits much larger. Twin quilts will fit a twin, full and often a queen. Always check your measurements on your bedding to ensure to desired look. Bed skirts will also come in various lengths so you will need to know how high your frame sits. When purchasing sheets, the higher thread count usually has deeper pockets. This is a must if your mattress has a pillow top.

Looking for bedding and textiles in Santa Rosa?